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Amazon Echo Show 8 (3rd Gen, 2023)
$105 $150 Save $45

Amazon's most recent Echo Show, the 2023 Echo Show 8, is packed with the latest hardware and new smart features and already at a 30 per cent discount for Black Friday.

The brand-new Echo Show 8 was only announced in September, so I'm surprised to find it already has a discount for Black Friday. There is 30 per cent off, which takes $45 from the price, making this a deal you don't want to miss out on.

I've used all the Echo Show devices: I have the Echo Show 15 mounted on my wall, the Show 5 on my desk, but it's the Echo Show 8 that stole my heart. It's less compromised than other Echo Show models, because it offers the benefit of being compact, while being able to deliver a rich audio experience, something that those other Echo Show devices struggle with.

The display is also a great size, because you can see it from across the room, with Adaptive Display meaning that the content will be adjusted to suit how far you are from the screen.

What's new about the Echo Show 8?

The Echo Show 8 has had a complete teardown and redesign - featuring a fresher, more sleek look than its predecessors, and not to mention looking so much better than the 2021 second-gen model. The re-design is especially notable because the only other Show that's seen a makeover this nice is the slightly dinky Show 5 (which is also discounted). There's a curvature and sculpting to the rear of the new Show 8 that just makes it more contemporary and refined, better complimenting the kitchen where I have it. The looks would be enough to sell this Echo Show to me, but there's a lot more on offer than just that slick aesthetic.


The new Echo Show 8 packs in the very latest skills from Amazon as well as the latest hardware. There's an eight-core chip with a AZ2 Neural Network Engine to better power Alexa and deliver faster responses. That means some requests can be handled on the device rather than in the cloud, which is great for speed.

But there's also a Zigbee controller in this Echo Show - as well as Matter, Thread, Bluetooth and Sidewalk - meaning it can control and link to a full range of compatible smart home devices.

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Then there's the sound, which is a particular standout with the power to deliver room-filling audio. Additionally, there are a pair of drivers and a passive bass radiator and that means you get richer audio even at higher volumes with minimal distortion. I'm really impressed with the performance I've got from streaming music at higher output levels.

Often Amazon doesn't discount its new devices, so I'm really impressed to find this $45 discount on this new model. It means you can have the latest version of the Echo Show 8 for less, and you don't have to compromise on the experience.

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