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Chris has been the Editor of Pocket-lint since 2012, guiding the coverage across all areas of technology during that time. Chris has experience across all areas that Pocket-lint covers, from cameras to cars, and writes news, features, reviews, and everything else. If Pocket-lint covers it, Chris is an expert in it.
Chris has been a technology journalist since 2008 and has covered the rise of Android and reviewed just about every important device along the way. Chris lives the high-tech life, seeking out real-world experiences with all new technologies, aiming to put it to the test to provide greater insight into its application. When not exploring consumer tech, Chris can be found riding his bike - and gathering all the data for later examination.

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amazon prime reading on kindle 1
What is Amazon Prime Reading and how does it work?

Do you want access to free books? Prime Reading is here for you.

Which amazon kindle is best for you kindle kindle paperwhite kindle voyage or kindle oasis image 1 1
Best Kindle: Which Amazon ereader is right for you?

There are some serious decisions to be made when comparing and choosing a Kindle. But I've got you covered.

samsunggalaxyzflip5_15 1
Samsung’s super-cool Z Flip 5 drops back to its lowest price ever at $200 off

This folding phone will be the envy of your friends with this Black Friday discount.

PXL_20231117_132145080 1
Amazon's new Echo Show is its best one yet, and it's already on sale for Black Friday

The Echo Show 8 is only 2 months old and there's already a $45 discount.

What Is Rcs Messaging The Messaging Format Set To Take Over Your Android Phone image 3 1
What is RCS messaging and will it be truly universal?

Apple has confirmed it will support RCS in 2024 and that could bring about a universal messaging experience.

Magic Editor on Pixel 8 Pro 1
This hack lets you use Google's Magic Editor on any photo you take

Impressed by Magic Editor's skills? Here's how you can use it on any photo.

Amazon Fire Max 11 - netflix - top down 1
Best Amazon Fire tablets: Which Amazon tablet should you buy?

If you're looking for a new tablet, Amazon's lineup of Fire tablets almost certainly holds an option that could work for you.

a phone pointing towards the sky 1
What's next for satellite communications on Android?

With the collapse of Qualcomm's solution where does Android go next?

Samsung patent reveals possible protective case methods for Z Flip 3 photo 1 1
Examining the case for a cheaper Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone in 2024

Samsung could move to launch a cheaper folding phone in 2024 - but it says it isn't going to.

how to setup an amazon kindle for children fire for kids and freetime explained image 1 1
How to setup an Amazon Kindle for children: Amazon Kids and Kids+ explained

The Kindle is a great reading device. Here's how to make it perfect for your children.

Best Car - BMW i4 1
EE Pocket-lint Awards 2023: Car of the year winner

Celebrating the best electric cars and future technology on the roads.

Best Flagship Phone - Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 1
EE Pocket-lint Awards 2023: Flagship Phone of the year winner

Smartphones are everywhere and these are the best of the best. But which took the crown in the EE Pocket-lint Awards 2023?

Pocket-lint Awards winners: 2005 to 2019 photo 24 1
Pocket-lint Awards Product of the Year winners: The best gadgets from 2005-2023

Here are the Pocket-lint Awards Product of the Year winners through the years.

Pocket-lint Awards winners: 2005 to 2019 photo 24 1
EE Pocket-lint Awards 2023: Winners announced as Sonos Era 300 wins Product of the Year

The Pocket-lint Awards 2023, sponsored by new EE, have been announced, with wins for Apple, Sony, Samsung and more.

The current Google Pixel lineup.  1
Best Google Pixel phones: Expert tested and reviewed

We compare every Google Pixel phone currently available to help you choose which one to buy.

pixel8pro_13 1
Google Photos Magic Editor: How the AI editor works and where you can get it

Bad Photoshop skills? No worries. Google's new Magic Editor uses gen AI to erase and replace parts of your photo. But that's not all it can do.

How to use Google Lens in your Chrome browser to search any image on the web photo 3 1
How to use Google Lens in your Chrome browser to search any image on the web

Google Lens can give you a wide range of useful information about images and it's accessible through Chrome - and via Google Search.

Sony WH-1000XM5 photo 1 1
Sony WH-1000XM5 review: Still an ANC masterclass

Sony updated its flagship WH-1000X headphones in 2022, now in its fifth iteration. This time there's a change in design, on top of other improvements.

android phones 1
The most important Android phones from the past 15 years of Android

They've come in all shapes and sizes, these are my pick of the defining Android phones of the last 15 years.

Satellite to cellular: Everything you need to know about satellite communication on smartphones photo 4 1
Satellite to cellular: Everything you need to know about satellite communication on smartphones, including Galaxy S24

The next big thing in mobile telephony may well be out of this world, literally.

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