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15+ New Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2023

Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features insights by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of Cryptonews.com. 

We’ve thoroughly analyzed the most promising crypto projects in the space to save investors some legwork. 

As such, this page reviews and ranks the top new crypto coins to invest in for 2023.

15+ New Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2023

Below, investors can find a list of the top new crypto coins to buy in 2023. 

  1. Love Hate Inu (LHINU) - Best Vote-to-Earn Meme Crypto To Invest In 2023
  2. Fight Out (FGHT) - Emerging Crypto to Invest In with 67% Presale Bonus
  3. Metropoly (METRO) – New Cryptocurrency with Global Real Estate Utility 
  4. C+Charge (CCHG) - Eco-Friendly Crypto in New Presale Offering EV Drivers Rewards
  5. Swords of Blood (SWDTKN) –  The first AAA-quality, Play-to-Win Crypto
  6. RobotEra (TARO) - NFT, P2E and Metaverse Crypto in Hot Presale
  7. Securedverse (SVC) - New P2E Crypto to Buy in 2023
  8. Tamadoge (TAMA) - Exciting Meme Project with Huge Utility and Low Supply
  9. Battle Infinity (IBAT) - Decentralized Metaverse P2E Gaming Platform
  10. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) - Growing Global NFT Competitions Platform
  11. MetaBlaze (MBLZ) - Unique NFT and P2E Ecosystem
  12. Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) - Community-Building Crypto Ecosystem
  13. ApeCoin (APE) - New Crypto With Bored Ape Yacht Club Affiliation
  14. Balancer (BAL) - Token Built on Ethereum to Power AMM Exchange
  15. Cartesi (CTSI) - Token Using Optimistic Rollups to Solve High Fees and Scalability
  16. Immutable X (IMX) - Scaling Solution Platform for NFTs With Staking Token


The above list of new cryptocurrencies encompasses a range of different project types as well as the best upcoming ICOs. This includes P2E games, AMM projects, NFT competition platforms, and more.

It doesn’t stop there. Later, we also reveal how to find new cryptocurrencies and talk about whether they make a sound investment.

A Closer Look at the Top New Crypto Projects

Cryptocurrencies are volatile and speculative assets. As such, it’s important for investors to familiarize themselves with the tokens on this list of new cryptocurrencies to ensure they suit their goals.

With this in mind, we have reviewed each of the new crypto listings we’ve mentioned above:

1. Love Hate Inu (LHINU) - Best Vote-to-Earn Meme Crypto To Invest In 2023

With so many blockchain projects available in the market, it can be overwhelming to identify new cryptos to invest in. One of the key factors that investors must consider is the project's real-life relevance and ability to address pressing concerns. This is where Love Hate Inu steps in.

Love Hate Inu is web 3.0’s first utility meme token that offers exciting vote-to-earn rewards to its users. Users can earn the project’s native token, $LHINU, via staking and voting. 

The platform has made an impressive entry into cryptocurrencies, with its debut presale stage already catching investor attention. 

The project raised a whopping $100,000 within just a few hours of its launch and has now raised more than $385k in less than a week.

At the time of writing, buyers can acquire $LHINU for a discounted rate of only $0.000085 during stage 1.

But as the presale goes through its eight stages over the next 60 days, the value of each token will steadily rise to $0.000145 in the eighth and final stage, a 70.5% increase in value from the current price.

What is Love Hate Inu?

Love Hate Inu is a next-generation voting platform with a unique twist to online polling. By leveraging blockchain technology, Love Hate Inu introduces a new "vote-to-earn" mechanism that incentivizes users to stake and vote on meme polls. 

The vote-to-earn project has gained traction on social media due to its real-world utility, such as polling on social issues. The project's presale could follow in the footsteps of other meme utility tokens like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Tamadoge.

Presale StageToken PriceAmount of TokensToken PercentTotal PriceStage End Date
1$0.00008511,250,000,00012.5%$956,250(Soft launch) + 7.5 days
2$0.00009011,250,000,00012.5%$1,012,5007.5 days
3$0.00009511,250,000,00012.5%$1,068,7507.5 days
4$0.00010511,250,000,00012.5%$1,181,2507.5 days
5$0.00011511,250,000,00012.5%$1,293,7507.5 days
6$0.00012511,250,000,00012.5%$1,406,2507.5 days
7$0.00013511,250,000,00012.5%$1,518,7507.5 days
8$0.00014511,250,000,00012.5%$1,631,2507.5 days
Total 90,000,000,000100%$10,068,750 

Distributed ledger technology and a blockchain-based voting system on the platform can change how people participate in online surveys - an industry already worth more than $3 billion.

When it comes to online survey platforms, Love Hate Inu is miles ahead of the pack thanks to its cutting-edge voting system, which creates an atmosphere where users can vote seamlessly while earning, as well as reduce voter manipulation.

What is Stake-to-Vote?

As per the whitepaper, the platform has a voting system, a dashboard for administrators, and a user interface, all of which make it possible to conduct polls, tabulate the results and use the funds to conduct surveys on topics of interest to the community. 

Staking tokens enable users to cast secret votes in polls without fear of spam or tampering. Users are rewarded with tokens for staking and voting, with a higher stake equating to a more weighted vote.

Why Should You Invest In Love Hate Inu?

Love Hate Inu has introduced an unparalleled blockchain-based voting platform that promises to revolutionize online surveys. The platform boasts a distributed ledger technology that ensures that all results are immutable and transparent, providing high accuracy and trust.

Also, the presale aims to sell 90% of the total supply cap of 100 billion tokens to prevent any rug pulls and put the project in the hands of the community.

To guarantee long-term liquidity, fund exchange listings, and incentivize the community, the platform will retain 10% of all tokens issued. Join the Love Hate Inu Telegram group to discuss this topic with other users and discover what's happening.

Presale Started8 March 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Credit Card
Min InvestmentNone
Max InvestmentNone


2. Fight Out - Emerging Crypto to Invest In with 67% Presale Bonus

FGHT is a promising new cryptocurrency to invest in as the native token of the newly launched move-to-earn project Fight Out.

The project has now attracted more than $5.45 million in investment with the crypto community bullish on the highly ambitious project that will push move-to-earn further than previous projects have gone.

With FGHT tokens now in stage 2 and increasing in price every seven days, early investors are able to earn up to 67% extra in bonuses during the presale, depending on the purchase amount and how long they decide to lock tokens for.

The revamped bonus scheme also means new investors can choose not to vest tokens at all, while those who already hold FGHT will be airdropped an additional 10%. There is also a 5% USDT referral program on offer.

The price of FGHT tokens will increase to a max of $0.0333 on March 31, 2023, meaning those who invest at the time of writing will have an asset that substantially rises in price by the time of the IEO on April 5.

Unlike previous M2E protocols, which mostly focus on steps and walking and require expensive NFTs to get started, Fight Out has developed an app that will take a holistic approach to improve a user’s overall health, providing tailored strength and cardio workouts as well as wellness and mental fortitude.

Fight Out, which is also our best move-to-earn crypto project, will use smart technology to measure movement and key effort indicators, as well as utilize things such as sleep and nutrition to feed into their algorithm and provide a fully tailored program.

The app will provide users with training programs, high-quality instruction videos and a fully customizable NFT avatar - which is soulbound and cannot be traded or sold - that acts as a virtual representation of the owner and can be used to compete in daily, weekly and monthly competitions.

Along with the FGHT token, which will underpin the whole project and can be staked to grant a passive income, Fight Out will use REPS as an in-app currency that users can earn for completing workouts and reaching goals, and can be redeemed for a variety of rewards including training equipment, apparel and supplements, as well as discounts on monthly memberships and personal training sessions.

The project also has exciting metaverse and play-to-earn elements, with users able to pit themselves against each other using their avatars in challenges for additional rewards, as well as take part in player-vs-player games.

Fight Out also has an extensive ambassador program and is already in talks with world-class athletes and elite coaches from the worlds of MMA, boxing and pro wrestling. The ambassadors will rep the company and provide masterclass-style content that users can access.

British boxing star Savannah Marshall, who fought Claressa Sheilds in the most-watched women's match ever, UFC stars Taila Santos and Amanda Ribas - who won her comeback fight earlier this month - and American Ninja Warrior Tremayne Dortch have already signed up.

A total of 10 billion tokens make up the supply, with 9% of those allocated for the presale, another 4.5% for the bonus pool and 10% reserved for exchange liquidity.

The remaining tokens will be used to fund the future development of the project and will be vested over five years.

The developing team are doxxed and have been KYC-verified by SolidProof, while Certik have audited the FGHT token smart contract.

For more information on Fight Out read the whitepaper or join the Telegram group.

Presale StartedDecember 12
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Transak
Min Investment$1
Max InvestmentN/A


3. Metropoly – New Cryptocurrency with Global Real Estate Utility 

Another interesting cryptocurrency that has been trending since the beginning of this year is METRO, the native token of Metropoly. The project is building the world’s first NFT marketplace dedicated to assets backed by (100%) real-world properties. It is predicted to become a game-changer in the NFT and global real estate markets. 

Here is why: Although real estate is one of the most reliable and lucrative investments, the poor and the middle class have little access to the market. The high financial barriers are to blame primarily. To add to that, there are the hassles of paperwork, regulations, and geographical limitations.

Metropoly solves this problem by making judicious use of blockchain technology. The team first handpicks lucrative properties from around the globe. Then they are converted into NFTs. As you can imagine, these NFTs would be unfeasible for a retail investor. 

So they are then fractionalized to make the asset available for as low as $100. This way, Metropoly empowers everyone to invest in global real estate – not just the rich. 

The assets will accrue rent and appreciate in value, just like a ‘real’ real estate asset. But you need not worry about finding the tenants here. The Metropoly team takes care of that too. 

The beta version of the Metropoly NFT marketplace is now live and the presale has already raised more than $800,000.

Metropoly’s partnerships with popular projects like ChainAdoption and Tenset emphasize its credibility. To give you more perspective, Tenset has incubated projects like Metahero and Everdome Coin that went on to make more than 20X returns for early investors on launch. 

That hints at the massive growth potential of the project and why the METRO presale is trending. Investors are piling in on the token sale to take advantage of early discounts and bonuses. (Use the bonus code Launch20 to get an additional 20% on your purchases.)




Ethereum (ERC-20)


1 Billion

Currencies supported 


Minimum investment 


Token launch 

After the presale is sold out or on April 1st, 2023











You may also want to check out the Metropoly giveaway of a Burj Khalifa Apartment worth $1,000,000. Entry is open to everyone who completes the tasks listed under the contest. And they should have $100 in METRO at the time of the draw to be eligible for the prize. The apartment has a yearly rental income of up to $100,000.


4. C+Charge (CCHG ) - Eco-Friendly Crypto in New Presale Offering EV Drivers Rewards

C+Charge is an eco-friendly crypto in a newly launched presale that enables electric vehicle (EV) drivers to use it as a payment method at charging stations.

The coins are stored in a crypto wallet featured in the C+Charge mobile app.

C+Charge is offering CCHG coins at $0.019 during the sixth stage of its presale but by the eighth and final stage, CCHG will have increased 23.6% in value — priced at $0.0235. The platform's first CEX listing will take place on BitMart's platform, scheduled to launch on March 31, 2023.

The presale has a hard cap of $6.85 million and C+Charge has allocated 40% of the total token supply (1 billion) to the presale and only 8% to exchange liquidity.

C+Charge has also announced that unsold presale tokens will be burned - with more than 70 million so far removed from the supply - while presale investors can now purchase with ETH as well as BNB and USDT.

One crypto whale has seen the huge potential of the project and made a purchase of $100,000 during stage 1 and more than $2.75 million has so far been raised in total.

By owning CCHG tokens, holders are making a positive contribution to the environment because the coins are transferred to a wallet that removes them from circulation after being used as payments.

This ecosystem democratizes carbon credits by offering them as rewards to drivers for charging their vehicles. By developing a peer-to-peer payment system, C+Charge simplifies the charging process and rapidly advances the adoption of EVs.

PhasePrice% of presale tokensNumber of Tokens$ ValueStage End DateStage Tokens BurnedTotal Tokens Burned
1$0.0131560,000,000$780,000Feb 800
2$0.01451560,000,000$870,000Feb 1535,658,29135,658,291
3$0.0161560,000,000$960,000Feb 2235,815,71671,474,007
4$0.0171560,000,000$1,020,000Mar 1  
5$0.0181040,000,000$720,000Mar 8  
6$0.0191040,000,000$760,000Mar 15  
7$0.0201040,000,000$800,000Mar 22  
8$0.02351040,000,000$940,000Mar 29  
TOTAL80% increase100%400,000,000$6.85 million-  

Carbon credits are permits that allow the holder to emit CO2 into the atmosphere, with one credit equalling one ton of carbon dioxide.

C+Charge's mobile app also helps drivers to find the nearest functional charging station and also provides key details such as the price and waiting period - information that has previously been difficult to obtain and makes EV ownership inconvenient and off-putting for many.

The project has a doxxed team that are also KYC verified. The project has already partnered with Flowcarbon - which drew $70 million of funding from major venture capital funds in mid-2022 - to offer carbon credits and Perfect Solutions Turkey, which means it already operates 20% of the charging stations in that country.

Interested parties can find out more about CCHG tokens by reading the C+Charge whitepaper or joining the Telegram group.

Presale StartedDecember 16
Purchase MethodsBNB, USDT, Transak
Min PurchaseN/A
Max PurchaseN/A


5. Swords of Blood –  The first AAA-quality, Play-to-Win Crypto 

There are a myriad of play-to-earn crypto projects but most are sub-par as they are primarily focused on the earning aspect, as opposed to the playing aspect. 

This is where Swords of Blood steps in with flashy combat, stellar graphics, and diverse game mode - it is the first AAA-quality, fast-paced F2P hack-and-slash RPG on Polygon.

Swords of Blood uses the framework of an award-winning title that was initially released in 2019 to build one of the best games of 2023. Its theme is centered around the brutal fall of the World of Ezura which brought about violence, betrayal, and cunning evil and it is now up to the players to save Ezura from desperation, despair, and death, as the Dragon Betrayer’s armies cover the land. 

With the change of hands from Artifex Mundi to Hit Box Games LLC, the game introduces new features and functionalities. The most important of these is the blockchain integration into the free-to-play game as part of expanding its economy. 

It aims to lower the entry barriers to blockchain gaming for traditional gamers. For this, Swords of Blood introduces a play-to-win/play-to-own model, replacing the unsustainable play-to-earn business model. 

That essentially means that the game and the gaming community will be at the heart of the project. Here is a glimpse of the new features: 

  • Payment support for multiple blockchains and fiat currencies via SphereOne and Simplex.
  • 40% of all tokens and payments brought in will be managed by the market-making team
  • 4 million USD planned in added development
  • Brand new and more engaging F2P mechanics
  • 4, 8, and 16-player PVP modes
  • A new soundtrack that features members from many famous acts such as Disturbed and Trivium
  • Weapons specialist and creator, Ben Abbott, from the famed show Forged in Fire
  • E-Sport Micro Tournaments
  • Community-based gaming with guilds and clans
  • G.U.T.’s, game utility tokens (NFTs) that can be used in-game and sold on the open market.
  • 150-hour game expansion pack whose narrative is written by a team with members from Cyberpunk, The Witcher, Gord, Command and Conquer, and Ghost Recon.
  • Community-based communication areas 

The MVP version is now playable with multiple asynchronous game modes like PvP (where you compete against other players to rank up in the global leaderboard to earn prizes), daily dungeons (where you enter a special rift to play a daily selection of dungeons with special rewards), and event dungeons (time-limited event dungeons with a special currency that can be spent on unique event items). 

The game eventually wants to become a community-centric MMORPG and will also be published as a cross-play game on both mobile (Android and iOS) and desktop.

Swords of Blood is led by veterans in the gaming industry with CEO James Seaman, who has more than 35 years of experience, at the helm. On the blockchain front, the project has partnered with Fundamental Labs, Solana Ventures, Master Ventures, Gate.io Labs, Magnus Capital, Flame, Acknoledger, Simplex, SphereOne, and Stardust. 

Three rounds of the $SWDTKN presale will run in March 2023. As the presale moves to higher stages, so will the price. Thus, it is best to grab the tokens early. In addition, presale token holders and investors will have exclusive access to the game’s closed beta, automatic whitelisting to future NFT sales, and phygital giveaways to name a few.


6. RobotEra (TARO) - NFT, P2E and Metaverse Crypto in Hot Presale

RobotEra is another hot new crypto project to invest in after it launched its token presale in November 2022.

$TARO is on sale in the first presale stage at $0.02 and is among the best cryptos to buy now, with the second stage increasing the coin's value to $0.025 and the third stage to $0.032.

That means early investors will see a guaranteed 60% increase in value before the coin is listed on any major exchanges or reaches the wider public.

Only 270 million tokens (15% of the 1.8 billion max supply) will be available during the presale, with a hard cap of just $7 million.

Since P2E Tokens generally perform better than other altcoins in bear markets, investors should join this project now, as an exchange listing may increase the coin's value significantly. RobotEra requires players to reconstruct the destroyed planet Taro with robot NFT avatars.

Players purchase land and embellish it with in-game assets, buildings and infrastructure to increase its value. The game also rewards players with $TARO tokens for mining minerals, participating in concerts and even hosting events - advertising billboards can also be erected which can be monetized.

The game further rewards players for building robot NFT companions, which are customizable and can be edited with in-game tools to make them unique. 

Both the robot and metaverse land plot NFTs can later be exchanged for fiat currencies. 

Developed as an LBank Labs project, customizing robots and building land NFTs will not need any special coding knowledge and can be done with in-game tools.

The scripting language will allow for a wide range of capabilities and RobotEra developers expect new use cases and features to come out over time as players make the ecosystem their own.

Dynamic 3D scenes, sounds, moving objects, social interaction and physics can all be added to make the metaverse world rich and alive.

RobotEra also enables players to earn a passive income by staking $TARO tokens, which is crucial for restructuring Taro in the game.

Stage 190 million tokens$0.02$1,800,000
Stage 290 million tokens$0.025$2,250,000
Stage 390million tokens$0.032$2,880,000

The RobotEra whitepaper states that players are rewarded with tokens for operating independent continents.

This ERC-20 token is an integral part of the ecosystem, and its limited presale availability is bound to sell all the tokens ahead of time. 

Investors can stay updated about $TARO tokens by subscribing to the RobotEra Telegram channel.

The best way to avoid missing out on low $TARO prices is by getting in on the presale while it's in the first stage. 

Buying the token now means owning an appreciating asset, which will increase in value by 60% after the presale ends.

Presale StartedNovember 2022
Purchase MethodsETH, USDT
Min Investment1,000 TARO
Max InvestmentN/A

Buy $TARO Tokens Now

7. Securedverse (SVC) - New P2E Crypto to Buy in 2023

Securedverse is touted as the best new play-to-earn crypto to buy in 2023 due to its immersive gameplay, brilliant game mechanics, and high-quality graphics. 

The game is a first-person shooter game that rewards players for making kills and climbing a leaderboard. The higher you are on the leaderboard, the more rewards you stand to gain.

The project is on a mission to totally revolutionize the GameFi industry by providing a method for players to earn rewards when playing. The better players become at the game, the more rewards they can expect to earn. 

It’s the first blockchain-based gaming platform that brings a game with two futuristic models, crypto tokens, and staking rewards into one platform.

In the game, players are required to choose their best hero from a selection of four who all come with different strengths and abilities. 

Players must also create the proper selection of weapons to bring to the fight before choosing a specific game mode. The entire idea behind the game is to be the last surviving champion on the battlefield.

The team stated that the game would have simple controls but intense combat mechanics. They want to provide a fun, secure, and rewarding gaming experience for its players, which will be achieved through immersive graphics, sound effects, and user interface. 

The game is being developed in partnership with Portsea Games, a company with extensive experience in the VR gaming industry.

Furthermore, with the extensive experience behind the team, Securedverse has stated that they intend to release the first alpha version of its game once the presale for its SVC token ends. This means that investors won’t be waiting around for the project to gain traction following the fundraising.

Securedverse is currently undergoing a presale for its native token, SVC. The token will be used as a transaction token in the game and will provide an avenue for players to earn rewards. The BEP-20-based token is currently being sold for a price of $0.0143 in the first stage. 

Once the presale hits the next fundraising milestone, the presale will head into stage two, and the price will increase to $0.0186. Therefore, investing earlier is the best option to benefit from the increasing pricing mechanism before the token is listed on exchanges.

Visit Securedverse Today

8. Tamadoge (TAMA) - Exciting Meme Project with Huge Utility and Low Supply

Looking for the most promising and best DeFi coin to buy? Tamadoge is an exciting P2E game that is part of a compelling new metaverse and NFT-centric ecosystem. 

The platform’s token is TAMA, which is a deflationary meme cryptocurrency with utility, and has been pumping since the start of 2023.

The project has released its first three Tamadoge Arcade games - Super Doge, Rocket Doge and To The Moon  - which have all had overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community.

The fun and addictive platform games are both available free-to-play and play-to-earn, with players working their way up a leaderboard to win weekly and monthly prizes.

They are the first three of five Tamadoge Arcade games to release, with the main Tamadoge game and an augmented reality app to come later in 2023.

Amid the release of the game, TAMA tokens have soared more than 50% since the turn of the year and the Tamadoge NFT collection - which is needed for players to play the main game - has a floor price of 2 ETH for its Ultra-Rare Pets. Common pets are available for just 0.2 ETH.

When looking for new crypto today, it’s important that investors familiarize themselves with the project and the token’s use cases - if any. As we touched on, TAMA is a meme-come-dog token with a difference.

TAMA distinguishes itself from other popular meme currencies like Dogecoin - or shitcoins as they are sometimes called - by having a high level of practical utility. The Tamadoge ecosystem includes a P2E game comparable to Tamagotchi.

As one of the best gaming cryptos, players can train and care for their own digital pets. They can level them up, earn digital currencies, battle against others, and try to get to the top of the leaderboard. Pets are represented by NFTs, which means players will take ownership of them outside of the game.

This allows players to train, breed, and play with their own pets and increase their value within the game. Players can also mint, swap, buy and sell pets - as well as purchase virtual food, toys and treats for them in the Tamadoge marketplace, dubbed the pet store.

The project also has a doxxed team and has had its KYC verification completed and verified by CoinSniper - where it has been named a top new project - and its smart contract audited by SolidProof.

Unlike other meme coins such Dogecoin or Shiba Inu, which have massive and ever-increasing supplies of coins, TAMA has a strict supply of just 2 billion coins and a deflationary mechanism that will see 5% of every pet store transaction burned.

Tamadoge was previously named as our top crypto ICO of 2022 and saw huge growth after listing on OKX - TAMA previously pumped to an all-time high of $0.194, nearly 2,000% above its original presale price - and is expected to have a breakout 2023.

To keep abreast with news on listings or when early investors can claim tokens, join the Tamadoge Telegram group or follow the project on Twitter.

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9. Battle Infinity (IBAT) - Decentralized Metaverse P2E Gaming Platform

Those intrigued by new crypto coins that incorporate P2E games with the metaverse will also like Battle Infinity. The token in this case is IBAT. This project is also up there with the most popular new crypto for 2022, as it had one of the most successful presales of the year,

IBAT hit its hard cap target of 16,500 BNB in 24 days. As such, it sold out way before its expected 90-day campaign in the presale phase. This project describes itself as the multiverse of the metaverse.

It’s an exciting concept that incorporates NFT gaming, the metaverse, and various other products. This includes Battle Infinity’s own decentralized NFT marketplace - Battle Market. With regards to the gaming aspect, IBAT Premier League is an all-immersive P2E title.

Players can partake in sports tournaments and leagues on the blockchain. P2E fantasy sports games will include offerings such as cricket, baseball, hockey, basketball, football, and more.

Not only that, but each player can put together a strong team of athletes to compete against others and try to get to the top of the leaderboard. Each athlete is an NFT that replicates a real-world sports person.

As such, each will have a different value. Players can also swap, buy and store NFTs under one roof. Additionally, the blockchain game will provide players with keys that can be utilized to purchase and unlock ‘crates’ within the Battle Market.

Investors can also stake IBAT tokens and also pair them with other crypto assets such as BNB or Dogecoin to earn rewards. On the platform, players will be able to upgrade and customize avatars whilst also having access to the Battle Arena (this project’s metaverse).

Battle Infinity could well become the next Axie Infinity based on current market sentiment. Investors who want to invest in this new crypto can buy IBAT tokens on PancakeSwap with ease. 

Battle Infinity is now also listed on LBank, allowing investors and traders to buy and sell without any transaction fees, with new coin listings on other exchanges expected in the near future. 

Battle Infinity also recently launched its staking product which quickly reached over $5 million in total value locked (TVL).

Investors can download the whitepaper on the Battle Infinity platform for further information. As with many of the newest cryptocurrencies, Battle Infinity can be found on social media platforms and the project also has a growing Telegram group.

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10. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) - Growing Global NFT Competitions Platform

Since its launch at the start of 2022, Lucky Block has gained enormous popularity and is another notable new crypto to invest in.

Originally a competitions and NFT platform, Lucky Block recently launched one of the best crypto and bitcoin casinos in the space.

The site offers more than 2,700 games - from slots to classic table games such as roulette and poker - as well as thousands of pre-game and in-play sports markets.

Users can bet on everything from the Premier League, NFL and NBA to badminton and eSports. Lucky Block also has enticing welcome bonuses where players can earn 200% on their first deposit (up to 10,000 EUR or equivalent) as well as 50 free spins.

It is an easy site to access, with sign-up taking less than a minute, minimum deposits or just $1 and no fees or limits on deposits or withdrawals, although some players will need a VPN to visit.

Players can use 10 different cryptos - with LBLOCK to be added as a method soon, making it one of the best new cryptocurrency to invest in 2023.

The LBLOCK presale was among the most successful ever, having reached a market value of $1 billion in record time.

In Q1 2022, the Lucky Block V2 update, an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network, also went live. Investors keep track of project updates by joining the Telegram group and following the team on social media.

The Lucky Block team is doxxed and has extensive experience in the Web3 domain. The LBLOCK token has been audited by Solid Proof. According to CoinMarketCap, the fully diluted market capitalization of LBLOCK V2 (Ethereum chain) is almost $7.5 million. V1 (on the BSC chain) is at over $44 million (diluted).

The project also recently announced that the coin has become deflationary, and 1% burns are now taking place on a monthly basis.

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11. MetaBlaze (MBLZ) - Unique NFT and P2E Ecosystem

MetaBlaze is a unique crypto project that is currently just $600,000 away from reaching the hard cap of its presale.

The project also released 10,000 MetaGoblin NFTs for minting and excitement is high in the crypto community around MetaBlaze.

Over the last 18 months many play-to-earn (P2E) games have failed to live up to their hype and promise, with players complaining of the same things - poor gameplay and not worthwhile rewards.

MetaBlaze is hoping to solve both of those issues for players.

Not only is it developing two games - a flagship RPG that will see players explore and complete quests and a strategic timebound mini-game - but MetaBlaze will not reward players with its native MBLZ.

That coin will be used as currency in their ecosystem to buy consumables and gear and also to improve their chances of winning by risking it. MBLZ will have monetary value and an ongoing burn will eventually see 48% of the 420 billion supply erased.

However, its main draw is that the project is developing a revolving rewards pool that will allow players to win Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana or BNB.

For more information read the MetaBlaze Whitepaper and join the Telegram group for the latest news.

Visit MetaBlaze Presale

12. Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) - Community-Building Crypto Ecosystem

Shiba Inu Coin was introduced in August 2020 as the self-proclaimed ‘Dogecoin killer’. The team or creator behind the cryptocurrency goes by the alias ‘Ryoshi’.

Shiba Inu’s token is SHIB. The Shiba Inu ecosystem will include a metaverse, in addition to games. Moreover, Shiba Inu LANDS, which are digital plots of land in the form of NFTs, will also allow investors to get involved with real estate.

The metaverse will comprise a total of 100,595 plots of digital land, all of which are up for sale. Those who buy LAND can also rent out their plots to make money. In addition, Shiba-related street names will be present throughout the virtual environment.

As such, this is a popular new cryptocurrency for those interested in digital real estate. The project has also released a beta version of an NFT card game.

The market capitalization of Shiba Inu at the time of writing is over $7 billion. 

If you're wondering where to buy SHIB in 2023 then we recommend considering eToro as it's the best crypto app on the market that offers low trading fees and copy trading tools.

Buy Shiba Inu on eToro

Cryptoassets are highly volatile and unregulated. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

13. ApeCoin (APE) - New Crypto With Bored Ape Yacht Club Affiliation

Fans of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection may consider APE to be an interesting new cryptocurrency to invest in. As a result of its strong affiliation with the aforementioned NFT series, ApeCoin is one of the most popular meme crypto projects at the moment.

This recently launched crypto (Q1 2022) also has a strong and broad community of supporters. Furthermore, it is one of the new cryptos to watch for diverse use cases. ApeCoin has been created to support a wide range of Web3 evolutions, making it one of the best web3 coins on the market.

This includes events, storytelling, gaming, art, entertainment, and more. ApeCoin is an ERC-20 governance and utility token. It is utilized in the APE ecosystem to support a decentralized community.

Additionally, ApeCoin gives users access to several ecosystem components that are usually inaccessible, like merchandise, premium games, services, and events.

ApeCoin also provides a means for outside developers to contribute to the ecosystem by integrating APE into their services, games, and other creations.

The total number of ApeCoin tokens is set at 1 billion. The market capitalization of ApeCoin at the time of writing is over $1.5 billion.

Buy Apecoin on eToro

Cryptoassets are highly volatile and unregulated. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

14. Balancer (BAL) - Token Built on Ethereum to Power AMM Exchange

Balancer - which runs on the Ethereum blockchain, is a project that aims to incentivize distributed computer networks in order to run an exchange where users can purchase and sell any coin with ease.

As such, this is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that enables trading without the necessity of a middleman.

Users who contribute liquidity to a Balancer pool are subsequently compensated with digital currencies. Specifically, BAL is the token powering this AMM (Automated Market Maker) exchange. 

There were 100 million BAL tokens created. Deposits are crucial to the network because they give users the liquidity they need to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies on the Balance exchange.

Balancer also provides investors with access to yield farming. By giving tokens to pools with a lesser demand and assisting in reducing price slippage, yield farmers who use the Balancer protocol may take advantage of exotic pairs to generate more income.

The market capitalization of BAL at the time of writing is over $280 million.

Buy Balancer on eToro

Cryptoassets are highly volatile and unregulated. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

15. Cartesi (CTSI) - Token Using Optimistic Rollups to Solve High Fees and Scalability

The Cartesi network, which seeks to address the problems of scalability and excessive fees in blockchain technology, is powered by the utility token CTSI. This is one of the most popular new cryptocurrencies with the capacity to manage several simultaneous transactions.

The platform takes full advantage of Optimistic Rollups. This is a way of scaling Ethereum and entails moving state and computation off-chain. Moreover, Blockchain and Linux are bridged together via Cartesi.

As such, scalable blockchain DApps may be created using Cartesi in a Linux runtime environment. The platform, therefore, offers DApps powerful processing and advanced programming capabilities.

The goal is to make it easier for creators to begin programming with blockchain technology. CTSI can also be utilized for network processing fees and staking.

Cartesi has a market cap of over $93 million at the time of writing.

Buy Cartesi on eToro

Cryptoassets are highly volatile and unregulated. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

16. Immutable X (IMX) - Scaling Solution Platform for NFTs With Staking Token

The Immutable X platform is powered by the Ethereum token known as IMX. This scaling approach for NFTs attempts to make transactions almost instant, alongside gas-fee-free transactions. 

IMX tokens can be used for staking on the Immutable X platform, as well as transaction fees (where applicable) and voting on the protocol's future.

When investors mint, transfer, or trade on the platform, Immutable X supports up to 9,000 transactions per second with no gas expenses. In fact, the project claims to be the top new cryptocurrency project offering gas-free minting on its platform as standard.

At the time of writing, the Immutable X platform has facilitated over 31 million NFT mints with $0 in gas. Moreover, with the industry-leading Layer 2 for NFTs that is fully protected by Ethereum, developers can scale their games in a matter of hours.

At this time, Immutable X carries a market capitalization of almost $210 million.

Buy IMX on eToro

Cryptoassets are highly volatile and unregulated. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

How to Find the Newest Cryptocurrencies 

There are many ways investors can find new cryptocurrency projects such as trading crypto crosses on the best P2P crypto exchanges

We’ve discussed some commonly adopted strategies below to give investors an idea of the most effective methods.

Research Presale Cryptos

Trying to figure out how much to invest in cryptocurrencies? Presales tend to have substantially lower entrance prices which means that you don't have to spend a huge sum. That is when compared with what it will cost to purchase the token once it is open to the public on a major exchange.

This is especially the case once the crypto project has increased in popularity. As such, one of the most effective ways to find hot new crypto coins to invest in is by researching up-and-coming launches.  

In finding new cryptocurrencies on presale, this offers investors the chance to gain exposure to a project while it is still in its infancy.  

At the time of writing, three of the top cryptos to watch are Love Hate Inu, Fight Out, C+Charge and Metropoly, which are gathering huge excitement and investment during their presales.

Perform Keyword Searches on Social Media

In a time when social media is the key to discovering new trends, it's as good a place as any to search for new cryptocurrency releases for 2023.

Platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, and such allow users to search for keywords, for instance, ‘#bestnewcrypto or #cryptopresales.

Investors could also type in a specific category such as #NFTgames. It’s also possible to set up notifications for these keywords.

Monitor New Tokens on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Another way to seek out new cryptos is to check large exchanges or online brokers. Many will list a wide range of long-existing tokens. 

However, these platforms also frequently add new crypto listings. Simply use the filter on the platform in question to search for specific types of tokens. 

The most reliable way to source the newest cryptocurrencies is via a reputable platform - as it will likely vet projects to make sure they are legitimate prior to listing.

Use the Dash Score

As outlined above, Dash 2 Trade has developed a bespoke crypto presale scoring system that will allow its users to invest in the best projects with confidence and avoid scams.

The Dash Score, which had overwhelmingly positive feedback during beta testing, is close to being ready for market.

It will provide a one-stop shop for users to look at new crypto presales and provide vital information - as well as offer a score out of 100 on a variety of criteria including team, marketing, tokenomics and product.

Visit Dash 2 Trade

Follow Developing Trends

To take advantage of the crypto markets, investors need to follow the wider market to ensure they are up on developing trends in the space.

For example, artificial intelligence has dominated the news cycle since the end of 2022 amid the emergence of some key AI tools - and AI-related cryptos have followed, making huge gains. 

Read our review of the best AI crypto trading bots to see some of the most exciting trading tools that can be utilized.

Previously, Web3 gaming and NFT-related coins enjoyed a huge surge in early 2022 and discovering and acting on the next big trend can be an extremely lucrative method.

How We Choose New Cryptocurrencies

As newer tokens don’t show investors much in terms of historical performance, there are other things to consider prior to risking any money.

When researching new crypto coins, we look at a range of metrics.

For instance:

  • What does the project have planned for the future?
  • Is this clearly documented for investors to see?
  • What can the tokens be used for, if anything?
  • Is the project likely to be listed by a big exchange?

See some of these considerations below in more detail:

Crypto Use Cases

Ethereum is built for future growth and scalability. Its blockchain is the foundation for several decentralized finance apps, and many more are still being created. For instance, one of the new cryptocurrency tokens on this network is Love Hate Inu.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, was created only as a means of payment. That said, Bitcoin has evolved into a store of value for some investors who like to speculate.

Generally, in this space, the more use cases that tokens have, the higher the likelihood that new crypto projects will survive long enough to see growth increases.

An Interesting Roadmap

The best new crypto to buy will have an exciting roadmap and be clear and transparent about this to potential investors. This shows us that the team behind it is enthusiastic about the project, and that makes it more investable to the masses. 

It also means that the cryptocurrency is more likely to amass a strong community of supporters. One of the things that makes Love Hate Inu so popular is its clear and ambitious roadmap.

Liquidity Potential

New crypto coins should have the potential for significant trading volume so that investors can sell them as and when necessary.

A new cryptocurrency coin may not be worth buying just yet if other investors aren't trading it in significant quantities.

Examples of the new cryptos to watch for potentially high liquidity include Love Hate Inu and Fight Out. As we said in our earlier reviews, both have had huge interest and investment from the early presale rounds and TAMA has been a top 10 meme coin by trading volume since it launched.

Also, look for tokens that are preparing to be listed on a large cryptocurrency exchange, as this attracts a much larger number of investors and encourages growth.

Are New Cryptocurrencies a Good Investment?

When researching new crypto coins to buy, it's always important to be mindful that there is a large amount of risk involved.

Websites such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, CoinList, Reddit/CryptoCurrency and Twitter can help you find new crypto projects, but it is vital you always undertake further research.

Red flags to look out for include a poorly written website, incomplete roadmap or white paper and a team that has not been doxxed. Furthermore, big social media followings can point to wide interest in a project - but be wary the followers are legitimate and not just bots.

That said, there are some stand-out reasons that finding the newest crypto coins could be beneficial for investors.

See below:

Potential to Make Gains as it Becomes More Popular

As we touched on earlier, new crypto listings often start on presale. This presents an opportunity to join the community of investors early and hopefully make decent gains later on.

For instance:

  • TAMA sold out its presale in just eight weeks, with investors who bought TAMA in the first phase of its beta sale paying 1 USDT for 100 TAMA ($0.01 each)
  • However, by the time the presale ended later investors were getting 33.33 TAMA tokens for 1USDT ($0.03 each)
  • When the coin is listed the price started at $0.03 (1 USDT = 33.33) but the 'listing effect' and strong use case meant the price surged and continue to see gains as the project grows
  • TAMA reached an all-time high of $0.194 in the days after listing - a near-2,000% increase from the original presale price
  • The price remains above $0.03 and is expected to pump again in the coming weeks and months with new listings and the ecosystem developing

When digital currencies that are coming out of presale make their exchange debut, early investors could potentially realize an immediate upside.

Following the conclusion of its presale phase, Battle Infinity was another project created big gains for its investors when it was listed on PancakeSwap. 

There is still time for investors to buy Dash 2 Trade on presale at a discounted price prior to its CEX listings.

In-Game Purchases

Some of the newest cryptos are also used as a currency within a platform’s ecosystem. For instance, some projects have developed, or are developing, a range of P2E games.

This will be the case with RobotEra and Tamadoge. As such, not only can the player earn TARO and TAMA, respectively, but they can also be used to further improve the gaming experience by purchasing upgrades and in-game assets.

Fight Out will have two tokens - FGHT will underpin the project and fund its development, while REPS - which are off-chain - is the in-app currency that can be used to earn and redeem rewards such as discounts on membership, apparel and training equipment.

Some of the Newest Cryptos Offer Giveaways

One of the characteristics seen more frequently with the hottest new crypto to invest in is that they offer prize giveaways to raise awareness of the project.

This is usually in the form of the cryptocurrency in question or NFTs. 

In either situation, the investor could stand to earn free tokens, which can be used for purchases on the platform or to swap for other digital assets.

Fight Out, for example, is offering a $250,000 FGHT token giveaway, with holders able to stack entries by completing tasks on social media. 

Where to Buy New Coins

Presales usually have native websites with investors buying directly from the project before they are later listed on big exchanges.

The top platforms in this space offer new cryptos as well as well-established options. It’s also important to check factors like trading fees, asset diversity, and regulation.

Dash 2 Trade's Dash Score is a presale rating system that will help its users find the best new projects and avoid flawed projects or outright scams.

It will do thorough research and due diligence, offering a score out of 100 so users can invest with confidence.

How to Buy LHINU Tokens - Step-by-Step Guide

In this section, we detail how to buy Love Hate Inu (LHINU) tokens during the presale.

  • Create a Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet - First, create a crypto wallet with a reputable provider like MetaMask or Trust Wallet. 
  • Buy Ethereum or USDT - Then, stock up on ETH or USDT to buy LHINU tokens. At this stage, it's important to keep gas fees in mind. Most well-known brokers will offer the asset, as do the crypto wallets themselves.
  • Connect Wallet and Purchase LHINU Tokens - Next, head to the Love Hate Inu presale website, connect the crypto wallet, then choose the relevant 'Buy With' option, decide how many tokens to buy and confirm the purchase.
  • Claim Tokens After Presale - Once the presale has concluded on May 2023, the purchased tokens will be claimable on the Love Hate Inu website.


eToro - Regulated Online Broker With New Cryptocurrencies at 1% Commission

eToro was established in 2007 and offers a range of cryptocurrencies. This includes many of the best new crypto coins we’ve reviewed today. At the time of writing, some of the crypto listings on eToro are SHIB, APE, CTSI, BAL, IMX, GALA, and AVAX.

Investors will also have access to a selection of established crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, BNB, and LTC, to name a few. Notably, the commission fee is 1% for each crypto transaction at eToro.

Moreover, the platform lists other assets like stocks and ETFs. Investors may not know that eToro is also a Copy Trading platform. As such, investors can use this passive trading method to allocate $200 or more to copy a seasoned trader with experience in crypto assets.

Each order placed will automatically be mirrored in the investor's portfolio after allocating funds to Social Trading and Copy Trading. Alternatively, an investment of $500 or more in a Smart Portfolio like ‘Scalable Crypto’ offers the investor exposure to a number of digital currencies with a single purchase.

Investors can make a deposit with a credit/debit card, e-wallet, ACH, or wire transfer. There is no deposit fee for US-based investors. eToro also offers a free cell phone app and a paper trading account with $100k in practice funds.

Buy Crypto on eToro

Cryptoassets are highly volatile and unregulated. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.


Investors are continuously searching high and low for the next big crypto project. 

As such, today's guide has reviewed and ranked the best new crypto coins to invest in. It’s a wise idea to create a diverse portfolio to spread risk.

Our favorite new crypto project is Love Hate Inu, which has attracted more than $385k in less than a week since it launched - the platform allows users to earn rewards while voting on the most important issues.


New Crypto Coins News


What are the newest crypto coins? 

Some of the newest crypto coins include the vote-to-earn meme crypto project Love Hate Inu, and M2E rewards project Fight Out.

What is the best new cryptocurrency to invest in?

Our number one pick for a new cryptocurrency to invest in is vote-to-earn project Love Hate Inu. Fight Out, C+Charge, Metropoly, and RobotEra are also high-potential presales to consider.

What cryptos will go up in 2023?

There is no sure answer on what new cryptos will go up in 2023. The best thing to do is carry out thorough research. Investors can look at how well-received the project is so far, and only allocate small amounts.

How do I find new crypto projects?

There are multiple ways to find new crypto coin releases. This includes researching the presale cryptos, looking on social media platforms, and checking popular exchanges for new tokens.